‘They Don’t Care About The Cop Killers’: Joe Scarborough Says GOP Will ‘Follow Donald Trump And Those Conspiracy Theories’


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MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough said Friday that the GOP will “follow Donald Trump and those conspiracy theories, no matter what.”

The MSNBC host said the “hundreds of thousands” of Republicans leaving the party made him think of the division between the right and the center right in Poland, which was largely due to a plane crash conspiracy theory as explained in “Twilight of Democracy: The Seductive Lure of Authoritarianism” by Anne Applebaum, staff writer at The Atlantic. (RELATED: Ben Sasse Blasts QAnon In Op-Ed: ‘Nourished By Treachery, Poor Political Judgement, And Cowardice’)

“And as you explained the conspiracy theories changed every day, and it didn’t matter that the facts constantly changed and constantly contradicted themselves. They became identified with this,” Scarborough told Applebaum on “Morning Joe” Friday.

“The same thing appears to be happening here in the United States where these Republicans, they really don’t care what the facts are. They don’t care about the cop killers. They don’t care about how many died. They’re just, they’re going to follow Donald Trump, and those conspiracy theories and those facts no matter what,” Scarborough said.


The House voted 232-197 on Jan. 13 to impeach former President Donald Trump a second time, charging him with a single article of “incitement of insurrection.” The trial is set to take the weekend and may conclude at the beginning of next week, according to The Hill.

Rioters supporting Trump broke into the Capitol building on Jan. 6 during a march which turned into a deadly riot against the Electoral College’s certification of the presidential election results.

Convicting Trump would require 67 Senate votes, including at least 17 Republican votes, the Hill reported.

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