Painting Done By North West Is Real, Art Teacher’s Daughter Says

(Photo by Rich Fury/Forum Photos via Getty Images)

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Multiple people have come to the defense of North West after Kim Kardashian shared a painting done by her daughter on social media.

North takes art classes from local art teacher Celeste Astor Frederickson, according to a report published Friday by Fox News. Celeste’s daughter came forward on TikTok to defend North after people began to question if the 7-year-old actually painted the beautiful landscape.

“My mom taught me how to paint this and she taught North how to paint the same one, just two weeks ago,” Camryn Frederickson explained in a video, according to Fox News. “She’s been an art teacher for 30 years and everyone who comes to her classes starts with the exact same painting when they’re starting out.” (RELATED: Kim Kardashian’s Daughter Choreographs Adorable Music Video To ‘Old Town Road’)

A source also told Fox News that they have a painting that looks almost exactly like North’s from time spent taking classes with Celeste.

“She had a studio in Agoura Hills [in California] and I took classes there from about 6 to 8 years old along with my sister,” the source told Fox News. “Celeste taught all ages. I even saw high school kids at her studio.”

I understand people’s skepticism of the painting. North is just seven years old and the painting is really good. This painting by North is so good that I could hang it up in my room.