‘This Is Not Over’: Larry Hogan Predicts Criminal Charges For Trump

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Republican Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan told CNN’s “State of the Union” Sunday morning that former President Donald Trump may face future criminal charges after he avoided conviction on impeachment.

The Senate’s 57-43 Saturday vote fell short of convicting the former president on the single charge of inciting an insurrection. CNN anchor Jake Tapper played a clip from Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, who voted against conviction, on the Senate floor excoriating Trump as being “still liable for everything he did while in office” before asking for Hogan’s reaction.

“Do you think that Donald Trump should potentially face criminal charges as McConnell appears to be suggesting should happen?” Tapper asked.


“Well, it was interesting to hear, Leader McConnell’s words were pretty strong, it didn’t match how he voted, but I think he was moved by some of the arguments,” Hogan said. “There was yesterday’s vote, but there’s definitely a number of potential court cases and I think he’s still going to face, you know, criminal courts and the court of public opinion. This is not over and we’re going to decide over the next couple of years what the fate of Donald Trump and the Republican Party is.”

Former United States Attorney Preet Bharara last week suggested that Trump could be “in jeopardy” of criminal charges based on activities while in office. (RELATED: ‘I Have No Idea What He’s Doing’: Dershowitz Rips Trump Attorney During Defense Opener)

“Look, on any one of a number of issues, the president is in jeopardy,” Bharara told CNN host Chris Cuomo. “He’s in jeopardy out of the Manhattan D.A.’s office with [Cyrus] Vance looking at various improprieties related to his taxes and representations he’s made to financial institutions.”