‘Stranger Things’ Star Finn Wolfhard Says Season 4 Is ‘The Darkest’ Yet

(Credit: Netflix)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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It sounds like “Stranger Things” season four will be the darkest one fans have ever seen.

According to NME, star Finn Wolfhard revealed during a recent interview with CBC Listen that the upcoming season of the hit Netflix show is “the darkest” ever filmed. (REVIEW: ‘Westworld’ Season 3 Ends With The Possible Deaths Of Multiple Characters)

You can listen to his full comments in the tweet below.

Who is ready for season four to get here? Who is ready for some new episodes of “Stranger Things” to finally hit Netflix?

I know I am! My hand is up in the air waving around! I can’t wait for some new episodes of “Stranger Things.”

I’m also glad to hear that it’s going to be darker than anything we’ve seen so far, which we’ve heard whispers about before.

Melt that kind of content down and inject it into my veins. Feed it to me! Season three was lit, and it sounds like things are only going to get cranked up from here.

Are you not entertained?

Keep checking back for the latest updates on season four of “Stranger Things” as we have them. I can’t wait.