‘It Took Three Years To Finally Slay The Fine People Hoax’: Greg Gutfeld Flames Media For Reshaping Narratives

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Fox News host Greg Gutfeld tore into media for changing and reshaping narratives in a way that almost exclusively benefitted Democrats.

Gutfeld laid out a series of examples during Monday’s broadcast of “The Five,” arguing that the media had promoted certain narratives and limited others. “It took three years to finally slay the ‘fine people’ hoax,” he said. (RELATED: ‘That Wasn’t Cool’: Jesse Watters Rebukes Juan Williams For Suggesting His Cohosts Stood With Capitol Mob)


“Juan says if you want to bury the lie of election fraud, then let’s investigate it and make it more transparent,” Gutfeld began, saying that somehow it had been all right for the left to riot for months over the justice system, but when “somebody gets ticked off about the election system and that’s treasonous.”

“Talk about how the media masters narratives, took three years to finally slay the ‘fine people’ hoax,” Gutfeld continued, noting that the transcript had been available online the whole time. “That was the Big Bang of lies that the other lies came from.”

Gutfeld went on to argue that the difference between the right and the left — in terms of media — was that the right went after specific villains while the left went after groups.

“So ‘The Five’ doesn’t sit around and make fun of Biden voters but the left makes fun of Trump voters. They make fun of law enforcement. An entire swath of people in this world that are doing their jobs,” Gutfeld said. “We make fun of de Blasio. We make fun of Cuomo. We made fun of left-wing Democrats. But we don’t make fun of Biden voters.”

Gutfeld concluded with one other trick the media used to control the narrative: withholding information until it couldn’t be used against them.

“The New York Times has admitted that they were wrong about Officer Sicknick’s death. They admitted this, though, when that information could no longer be used in the impeachment. He wasn’t killed with the fire extinguisher,” Gutfeld said. “Are journalists still interested in that story or does the story no longer interest them?”