REPORT: Larry King’s Widow Plans To Contest His Handwritten Will

(Photo by Rachel Murray/Getty Images for The Brent Shapiro Foundation)

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Larry King’s widow Shawn King revealed she is planning to contest the broadcaster’s handwritten will, according to an article published Monday by Page Six.

Larry allegedly wrote a new will leaving everything to be split evenly between his children, TMZ first reported Thursday. Shawn was not included in the will. (RELATED: Larry King Wanted His $2,000,000 Fortune To Be Split Evenly Among His Kids, According To Handwritten Note)

“We had a very watertight family estate plan,” Shawn told Page Six.

Shawn claimed she and Larry wrote the will “as a couple” in 2015.

“It still exists, and it is the legitimate will,” she told Page Six. “Period. And I fully believe it will hold up, and my attorneys are going to be filing a response, probably by the end of the day.”

King passed away in January after battling COVID-19. His official cause of death was sepsis, according to Shawn, his estranged wife.

“It was an infection, it was sepsis,” Shawn told Entertainment Tonight.

“Well, he was finally ready to go, I will tell you that,” she added. “You know, he never wanted to go, but his sweet little body was just — it had just been hit so many times with so many things and once we heard the word COVID, all of our hearts just sunk.”