Lincoln Project Says It Released Its Staff From Confidentiality Provisions, But Former Employees Say It Is Still ‘Keeping Staff Silent’

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Anders Hagstrom White House Correspondent
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The Lincoln Project (LP) released a statement appearing to release current and former staff from their confidentiality provisions Monday night, but staff say the statement is too limited and doesn’t let them speak out.

LP released the statement after weeks of scrutiny around the alleged sexual misconduct of one of the organization’s co-founders, John Weaver. Various NDAs have prevented both current and former employees of the anti-Trump organization from giving details about whether and when other members of the organization learned of Weaver’s actions.

The organization’s Monday statement appears on its face to be a general release from NDAs, but affected staff say the language is “coyly narrowed” to prevent damage.

“We have already taken decisive action to address internal concerns,” the LP statement reads. “Additionally, we are releasing staff and former staff from the confidentiality provisions in their employment agreements to discuss their workplace environment. Based on the findings of this review we will take all necessary action to correct any issues and deficiencies that are identified.” (RELATED: Lincoln Project Leaders Reportedly Padded Pockets From Anti-Trump Donations While Ignoring Allegations Against Cofounder)

Five former employees released a response to the New York Times later Monday.

“Tonight the Lincoln Project said in a statement that current and former staff are released from ‘confidentiality provisions in their employment agreements’ in order to allow them to ‘discuss their workplace environment,'” the statement began. “This is insufficient, and coyly narrowed to an unclear definition of ‘staff’ as it relates solely to a workplace environment that did not physically exist for most of those working for the Lincoln Project.”

“Release everyone, without condition, without limiting us to discussions about ‘workplace environment,” the statement added.

The LP shut down its donation page earlier Monday amid the deluge of scandals facing the organization. The Associated Press reported Thursday that LP members were made aware of accusations against Weaver as early as June 2020 but that they did not take action.