Serial Defecator Allegedly Ravages Unlocked Vehicles

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Police in Warren, Michigan are searching for a man who allegedly is responsible for serial defecations that ravaged unlocked vehicles, according to FOX 2.

Chris Phillips, the manager of the Mr. Friendly Auto Service on Van Dyke said he “just couldn’t believe somebody is that inhumane.”

The employees of the shop were first alerted of the incident by an uncomfortable sight and smell as they brought a van into the shop, according to FOX 2.

They immediately checked the security camera footage and were alarmed by reportedly seeing the man defecating, according to FOX 2.

“He grabbed some sanitary napkins, then defecated inside the customer’s van, pants half-down,” said Phillips before adding per FOX 2 that the man “wiped in the parking lot dropped the napkins on the ground picked it up and threw it in the dumpster.”

“This is our first incident,” Phillips said before adding that the shop has “never had any break-ins, nothing was stolen out of here. I’ve been at this company for 20 years and never ever have seen anything like this before,” according to FOX 2.

The first defecation allegedly happened back in November where the man found a car with a malfunctioning lock outside the shop before coming back in January with his pants on, the man allegedly struck again at the nearby Twins Tire, according to FOX 2.

“Now we’ve got double padlocks the gate where the customers cannot get back there, no vehicles are allowed to stay out front anymore,” Phillips said while the Warren police say that they are looking into a lead in the investigation, according to FOX 2. (RELATED: Penguin Poop Spotted From Space Leads Scientists To ‘Good News’)

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