Harris Faulkner And Guest Debate Over Governor Cuomo And Alleged Cover-Up

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Fox News anchor Harris Faulkner engaged in a quick exchange Tuesday with contributor Jessica Tarlov over Democratic New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Tarlov argued that Cuomo was only being criticized because he had made a bigger scene while attempting to handle the coronavirus pandemic, comparing him to governors who had adopted similar policies like Democratic New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy. (RELATED: ‘He Is Trump’s Twin’: New York Democrat Slams Cuomo After Losing Father To COVID In Nursing Home)


Faulkner began with a clip of people praising Cuomo and his response to the pandemic, adding that as more and more information has come to light about New York’s nursing homes, an increasing section of the public has been critical of him.

“Members of the Cuomo administration are kind of turning on each other,” Tarlov said, noting that it was important to follow the facts wherever they might lead with regard to the alleged cover-up of New York’s nursing home death toll. “Governor Cuomo should take responsibility and apologize for it.”

“It was a mistake he made that other governors made, Phil Murphy in your home state now of New Jersey did the same thing but didn’t make as much of a scene about it, I would say,” Tarlov continued, saying that she knew an apology could not heal those who had been hurt by the impact of the pandemic.

“Frankly a lot of people in both political parties made big mistakes in the handling of COVID-19 from Governor Cuomo to the President of the United States of America and I think it’s time — it’s time for everyone to have their apology moment,” Tarlov continued.

“Phil Murphy, our governor, did make that same decision,” Faulkner replied. “You said Cuomo is getting hit because he made such a big scene. He is getting hit because he is being accused of a cover-up.”