‘The Only Way To Become A Good Republican Is To Become A Democrat’: Meghan McCain Slams Media’s Coverage Of GOP


Brandon Gillespie Media Reporter
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Meghan McCain hammered Tuesday the media’s coverage of the Republican Party, saying that according to media outlets “the only way to become a good Republican is to become a Democrat.”

McCain was responding on “The View” to her co-hosts’ thoughts on former President Donald Trump’s impeachment acquittal and the state of the Republican Party when she laid into the media’s stereotypes of Republicans.

“It’s easy to say that the Republican Party is only the party of QAnon and all these things. If that’s the truth, then the Democratic Party is the party of socialism, and late-term abortion, and cancel culture, and no responsibility or ramifications for any of your actions, and you can burn down cities like Kenosha and it’s fine, and there’s no ramifications,” McCain began. (RELATED: QAnon Is ‘Part Of The Fabric Of The GOP’: Conspiracy Theory Researcher Says Republican Sen. Sasse’s Warning Is ‘Way Too Late’)

“These are broad-stroke platitudes. I don’t believe either are true. I don’t think Republicans are simply QAnon supporters. I don’t think Democrats are simply socialists. The thing that I worry about right now is that we are not using our intrepid values to go forward and try and fight for what’s still good in this country, and as long as we just keep going back and forth on this there will be no resolution and things will only get worse,” she continued.

McCain also noted that when the left tries to paint all Republicans as QAnon supporters, she gets “very tribal,” even though she does not associate with the QAnon movement. McCain used abortion as an example, saying that she is “the most intensely pro-life person” she knows who works in mainstream television.

“I think the idea that the Republican Party is just one swath is just — it’s just not nuance, and the problem I have is the only way to become a good Republican is to become a Democrat, according to the media. And I don’t know what to do anymore because I can’t keep coming on TV everyday saying that we’re all Nazis, and you know, Hitler salutes and whatever. It’s just not intellectually honest,” McCain concluded.