‘There’ll Never Be Another Rush Limbaugh’: Former VP Mike Pence Remembers The Talk Show Legend

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Brandon Gillespie Media Reporter
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Former Vice President Mike Pence said “there’ll never be another Rush Limbaugh” while honoring the late talk show host’s memory in a Wednesday appearance on Fox News’ “America Reports.”

Pence joined hosts Sandra Smith and John Roberts by phone and gave his thoughts on the passing of Limbaugh and the legacy he leaves behind. (RELATED: Trump Remembers Rush Limbaugh In First Interview Since Leaving Office)

“Today, America lost a giant with the passing of Rush Limbaugh. Karen and I literally join millions of Americans in expressing our sympathy to Catherine, his brother David, and the tens of millions of people across this country who loved and cherished his incomparable voice,” Pence began.

Smith then asked Pence what Limbaugh meant to the Republican party and the conservative movement.

“When I served in the House of Representatives, he was our greatest champion, when we were fighting a rearguard action for conservative values. In Republican and Democrat administrations, he was there giving us air cover every single day. When I was governor of Indiana, and when I served as vice president, he was the anchor of conservatives. He gave voice to a movement, and to the ideals that have always made America great, and have been making America great again. I feel a personal indebtedness to him,” Pence answered.

“Many people don’t know that I spent about a decade in talk radio myself. I was inspired to go into conservative talk radio in the 1990s because of Rush Limbaugh. I scarcely believe that I would’ve had the opportunities to serve in the Congress, to serve the people of Indiana as governor, or to serve as your vice president without the life, the example, the encouragement, and ultimately, the friendship of Rush Limbaugh. Our hearts are heavy today. Our prayers are with his family and the millions of Americans who, like us, loved and cherished Rush Limbaugh,” he continued.

The group went on to talk about Limbaugh’s up and coming years in radio and how his career developed and popularity built followed by Smith playing the video of him being awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom at the 2020 State of the Union address.

Pence continued honoring Limbaugh and explained the decision to give him the award. He then closed by saying, “There’s an old saying that winners have fun. Rush Limbaugh’s voice made conservatives proud. He articulated, he educated, he informed, he inspired. We will miss him as a friend, but there’ll never be another Rush Limbaugh.”