‘I Wish We Could Just Blow Up All The Trump Buildings’: MSNBC Guest Wants Former President Erased From Country’s Memory


Brandon Gillespie Media Reporter
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MSNBC guest and writer-at-large for The Bulwark Tim Miller said Wednesday that he wishes Americans could “blow up all the Trump buildings” and erase former President Donald Trump from their memory “Men In Black style.”

Miller appeared on “Deadline: White House” and listened as host Nicolle Wallace began the discussion with a video of Wednesday’s implosion of the former Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

“I don’t feel bad playing it … This is the implosion of the Trump property. There it goes. Is that a metaphor, Tim? Are we done? Is this Trump and all that he ushered in? Are we done? Is it imploding” Wallace asked jokingly as she played the video of the implosion. (RELATED: Charged Rhetoric Consumes Liberal Media)

Wallace noted that the Biden administration seemed weary talking about the former president. “This is not a White House that sort of speaks without thinking. And they’re done talking about Trump,” she observed.

“I think that the Biden White House is and should be. And I think that President Biden has done exactly what he promised, and I think it’s worked for him politically, as you pointed out, in the polls. The rest of us aren’t done with him, and I know that’s frustrating,” Miller responded.

“I’ve heard from folks when I’m firing off tweets about Trump telling me to shut up about it, I wish you’d just be quiet and not talk about him anymore, and I understand that point of view. Everybody wants to move on. I wish we could just blow up all the Trump buildings like that with nobody in them and just kind of erase him from our memory ‘Men In Black’ style, but we can’t,” he continued.

Miller referenced the movie “Men In Black,” in which there are small devices that have the ability to erase the memory of anyone who stares at one when it’s activated.

Miller then pointed out that Trump was on Fox News earlier Wednesday reacting to the death of Rush Limbaugh and “how mad he was” about the election being “stolen.”

“He’s not going anywhere. He’s still got a stranglehold on the party, which is why all of those cowards voted to let him off in the Senate over the weekend … I hope that we can move on. I’m enjoying the metaphor that you’re putting forward, Nicolle, but I think sadly, while Joe Biden has a big job to do, some of the rest of us are still going to have to keep our eyes on what’s happening in Mar-a-Lago, because I don’t think he’s going anywhere,” Miller concluded.