Joy Reid Mocks Ted Cruz: ‘His Daughters Aren’t Just In Cancun, They’re Also Under The Bus’

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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MSNBC’s Joy Reid mocked Republican Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, accusing him of throwing his daughters under the bus.

Reid criticized Cruz for leaving his home state — where many are without power and facing frigid temperatures — and then saying that the only reason he had done so was to deliver his daughters to Cancun, Mexico, for a vacation. (RELATED: Ted Cruz Says He Flew To Cancun Because He Wanted ‘To Be A Good Dad’)


“As for Ted Cruz, fresh off his stint toying with insurrection? Well, he just returned from his 24 hour sojourn south of the border with the fam. Because who wouldn’t want a getaway to a beach resort in Mexico when their state is in crisis?” Reid began.

Reid went on to play a clip of Cruz explaining that he had traveled with his daughters to Cancun as their chaperone, and had returned to Texas once ensuring that they had safely reached their destination.

“Cruz also released a statement trying to justify the terrible timing saying he just wanted to be a good dad. His daughters, after all, needed an adult travel companion for their playdate abroad,” Reid continued, going on to point out that perhaps their mother could have accompanied the girls on the trip.

“Cruz, however, doubled down on the message his daughters aren’t just in Cancun, they are also under the bus. Texas clearly has an absentee senator which is kind of perfect. And of course, he’s far from the only villain. We’ll get to rest of them later,” Reid said.

Reid concluded by accusing Cruz of lying about losing power in his home, noting that he had said on a radio show on Monday that his house had not lost power.

“I guess it’s theoretical, maybe he lost power after the show,” Reid said. “But Ted, come on. Is that why your Palm Beach boss man called you ‘lyin’ Ted Cruz’?”