‘Breaking Up With The American Public’: Greg Gutfeld Says Biden Is Ditching US For ‘Hot New Exotic Partner, The World’

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Fox News host Greg Gutfeld said Friday that President Joe Biden was “breaking up with the American public” in favor of “hot new exotic partner, the world.”

Gutfeld took a moment on “The Five” to lay out a series of foreign policy problems that Biden didn’t inherit because of the policies implemented by former President Donald Trump. (RELATED: ‘It Took Three Years To Finally Slay The Fine People Hoax’: Greg Gutfeld Flames Media For Reshaping Narratives)


“A new slogan for Joe, instead of ‘America First,’ it could be ‘America, you are not all that’, or ‘America, it’s not me, it’s you,’ because in a sense, Joe Biden is breaking up with the American public in favor of a hot new exotic partner, the world,” Gutfeld said. “It’s very alluring, it’s got an accent, it’s international, makes you feel cosmopolitan when you get to fly all over the place. But sorry, America, Joe just isn’t that into you anymore.”

Gutfeld went on to say that the media had helped to push the narrative that Trump’s foreign policy had “taken America off the stage,” making it not only smart but necessary for Biden to systematically undo everything Trump did.

“Joe entered this picture never being asked about North Korea. Why is that?” Gutfeld asked, noting that former President Barack Obama had warned Trump that North Korea was the biggest problem he would face. “Because it’s not a problem. Who made that not a problem? A guy named Trump.”

“He killed an Iranian general who killed a lot of people, he killed a few terrorists. He had a pretty phenomenal foreign policy resume and I think the media pretends it was terrible because he was an outsider who kicked the insiders’ ass,” Gutfeld continued, saying that Trump had exposed people like former Secretaries of State Hillary Clinton and John Kerry as “incompetent charlatans.”