‘The Dark Triad Of Political Scandals’: Trey Gowdy Criticizes Cuomo For ‘Lethal Public Policy’

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Former Republican South Carolina Rep. Trey Gowdy criticized Democratic New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo during Friday’s broadcast of “Special Report.”

Gowdy joined a panel discussion addressing Cuomo’s continued insistence that any criticism of his policies was politically motivated. (RELATED: Cuomo Blows Off Critics, Claims It’s His Duty To Keep People From Lying To New Yorkers)


Anchor Bret Baier began the segment with a mention of bipartisan calls for investigations into Cuomo and the reported data on coronavirus deaths in New York’s nursing homes, as well as Democratic New York Assemblyman Ron Kim’s claim that the governor pressured him to lie.

“Bret, it’s the dark triad of political scandal as you have a lethal public policy, you have these psychotic calls to people that dare to criticize you, you admit that you manufactured evidence for your own personal political gain,” Gowdy replied. “You have bipartisan outrage.”

“You got the worst defense anyone’s ever heard, which was ‘I was not aggressive enough in defending my lies,'” Gowdy continued, going on to say that the only thing missing was bipartisan scrutiny of his actions from the media. “The same media that lavished praise on him and wanted him to run for president, wanted him to be the AG. Where are they? Who’s covering it?”