CNN’s Brianna Keilar Breaks Down In Tears Over COVID-19 Deaths

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Phillip Nieto Contributor
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CNN host Brianna Keilar broke down in tears Monday after sharing videos of people who have lost their family members to COVID-19.

The virus death toll is nearing half a million in the United States, according to the Washington Post. On Monday, Keilar became increasingly emotional as she shared multiple clips of families mourning the loss of their loved ones.

One of the victims was Erica Becerra, who died from COVID-19 two weeks after giving birth to her son. Her brother described how she was never able to hold her newborn before she passed away.

“Her last moments, she was tearing. I know she heard us. We prayed for her. We talked to her. We comforted her until the last moments,” Becerra’s brother told Keilar in a video interview.

“The doctors saw that she wasn’t getting any better, and they gave birth to her son. She had a normal labor. She gave birth to her son but didn’t get to hold him,” he continued.

After the interview with Becerra’s brother ended, Keilar started to cry. (RELATED: Meghan McCain Says Biden Admin Should ‘Put Someone Else In Place That Maybe Does Understand Science’)

“Even as a nation where many have become numb, this astronomical loss,” she told viewers through tears. “I know that these stories of our fellow Americans puncture that armor that is natural to have accumulated over the past year, and that’s okay. We need to remember the people that we have lost even if we didn’t know them personally.”

“I know it is hard. I hear it from so many of you. I know you’re tired. I know you’re tapped out. It has been more than a year since the first reported coronavirus case,” Keilar added.


She concluded, “And for almost 500,000 Americans this past year, losing their lives. This is a collective loss. We’re taking this moment to acknowledge that you are not alone. And if you are lucky enough to still have a little fuel in your tank today, it is a good day to remind someone in your life that you are there for them.”