Save Big On These AirPods Pro Accessories, Now Less Than $20

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You’d never run errands, go on hikes, or hit the gym with your iPhone sans case, so what makes you think you should do anything without the proper accessories to protect your AirPods Pro? Considering that you spent a pretty penny on those bad boys, ensuring they stay in mint condition for as long as possible is a given.

If you’re looking for some affordable accessories for this popular gadget, this Chargeworx AirPods Pro Accessory Kit has everything you’d possibly need. And unlike many Apple accessories out there, everything in this package boasts an exciting, red hue, sure to add a little bit of spice to your daily listening sessions.

In each accessory kit, you’ll get four must-have gizmos that, quite frankly, you’ll never know how you lived without for so long. For one, you’ll get tons of use out of the kit’s magnetic neck strap that keeps your AirPods Pros secure around your neck when they aren’t in your ears. You’ll also love the included watch band holder that attaches them right to the strap around your wrist.

You’ll also love the accessory kit’s silicone cast that boasts a dust-free exterior, perfect for keeping your AirPods Pro’s charging case in good shape. And with the accompanying carabiner, you can attach the case to your belt, backpack, purse, or keychain in one swift click.

Still not sure if you’d get enough use out of these handy accessories? After reading a few of its online reviews, you’ll likely change your tune.

“I liked how everything was put together neatly and everything fits inside the case.” – Kaylah N.
“Works perfect!!! Arrived on time and is fairly priced. Would buy again.” – Tonia T.
The case and the accessories were pretty good. I got a lot of items for a good price. Shipping was fast as well.” – Anonymous
If you act fast, you can snag the Chargeworx AirPods Pro Accessory Kit at 15% off, making it just $16.99.
Prices subject to change.
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