REPORT: Biden Considers Executive Order Regulating Homemade Guns

(Photo by Doug Mills-Pool/Getty Images)

Jesse Stiller Contributor
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The White House is considering several executive orders on gun control, including one that would strengthen regulations of the purchase of homemade or makeshift firearms.

The Biden administration is considering an executive order that would require buyers of “ghost guns,” or firearms that have no serial numbers, to undergo background checks that would close an existing loophole in current laws, Politico reported on Monday.

The White House has discussed the “Charleston loophole” in the last week with Democratic Connecticut Sen. Richard Blumenthal, Politico reported. The loophole allows a firearm to be transferred from a licensed dealer before a background check is completed.

“My view is the bigger and bolder the better on gun violence prevention because we have a unique window of opportunity,” Blumenthal told Politico. (RELATED: Biden’s Reported Domestic Policy Pick Called For ‘Permanent And Comprehensive Assault Weapons Ban)

The White House has also held several meetings with community-based groups and other gun control advocacy groups, Politico reported. However, some activists have expressed disdain for the administration’s hesitation on specifics and a timeline for a plan.

An unnamed White House official told Politico the administration was looking at “every tool at our disposal, including executive actions” to achieve President Joe Biden’s promises on guns. The aide reportedly added that some measures included banning assault weapons and repealing manufacturer immunity from liability.

Biden aides were initially reluctant to issue any executive order regarding the Charleston loophole due to the split Senate and indecisiveness on what policies to push, Politico reported. However, the White House is reportedly pushing other measures such as safety storage standards and red-flag laws, which restrict gun ownership if a person is deemed to be a danger to themselves or to others. It is not clear if these measures would be introduced in a bill or through other orders.