Experience 100% Privacy With This Blockchain-Powered Home Security Camera

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Whether you’re tucked in your bed at night or ten miles away at the office, knowing what’s going on around your home can give you incredible peace of mind. And while you may assume no funny business will happen in and around your home, it may be too late before you decide to employ extra safety measures like a home security system. After all, homes without a security system in place are 300% more likely to be broken into and burglarized, according to this report.

While there are a lot of home security options out there, not all of them offer as much safety and privacy as they do security. But with the Ucam Private Home Security System, you can get all those must-have security features, like live stream viewing and easy-to-use controls, along with and 100% privacy.

Ucam is the first home security system of its kind to use a blockchain login, making it far harder for hackers to access footage, unlike password-based logins. Whether it’s saved footage, live-streaming video, and other sensitive information, this extra layer of security ensures everything stays completely private. And thanks to its end-to-end encryption, the only time your videos are decrypted is when they’re displayed on your secured mobile device.

In addition to its stellar privacy settings, the Ucam features everything you’d possibly want in a great home security system. With its accompanying app, you’ll be able to control everything with the tap of a finger, letting you respond to motion alerts, use two-way-audio to communicate with whoever’s in front of the lens or playback recorded footage. You can even manipulate the camera to pan, zoom in and out, and tilt, all remotely.

Check out some of Ucam’s fantastic online reviews!

“As an indoor camera, privacy is my top concern. Using the blockchain private key authentication, no password is needed.” – Liz

“Privacy-preserving high-quality camera. Two Big Thumbs Up!” – Yassin M.

“The quality of the image is sharp and the 360 degree view angle also convinently cover the entire room with only one camera.” – PingHu

For a limited time, you can get the Ucam Private Home Security Camera for just $46.99, just over 20% off its regular price.

Prices subject to change.


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