‘They Are Making People Paranoid And Crazy’: Tucker Carlson Says The Democratic Party Could Drive People To Violent Extremism

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Daily Caller cofounder Tucker Carlson said Tuesday that the Democratic Party was doing exactly what it would do if creating violent extremism was the goal.

Carlson spoke with Republican Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley about ongoing investigations into what actually happened at the Capitol on January 6, and both expressed concern over the number of unelected bureaucrats and corporations who were getting involved. (RELATED: Tucker Carlson: Bank Of America ‘Sharing Private Information’ Without Customer Consent To Help Feds Hunt ‘Extremists’)


“The FBI took, with no warrant, stole, effectively, phone records from members of Congress and anyone who was at the Capitol that day, how can that be legal?” Carlson asked.

Hawley said that he wasn’t sure it was legal, saying that while was certainly important for the criminals to be tracked down and prosecuted, some of the actions being taken stretched beyond that. (RELATED: Joe Scarborough Flames Josh Hawley: Other Than Trump, He’s ‘Most Responsible For The Cop Killing’)

“The issue here is that we have seen this movie before. We have seen the law enforcement agencies go way over and above and sweep in law-abiding activity — we have seen corporations getting on the action. Reports of Bank of America voluntarily, apparently, turning over customers personal data, now the telecoms, apparently, messages on cell phone data, folks we have no reason to believe or anything other than law-abiding,” Hawley continued.

“This is really, really frightening stuff. And to those who say we need a new domestic war on terror that will give even more unaccountable power to these law-enforcement agencies without any kind of oversight, that is a scary prospect, and I’m totally opposed to it. There needs to be real oversight here and real accountability.”

“If the Democratic Party is trying to create violent extremism, they are doing exactly what you would do if you want to create it,” Carlson replied. “They are making people paranoid and crazy. People feel totally undefended and afraid.”

Carlson went on to ask whether Hawley expected help from other Republicans in his efforts to push back.

“I sure hope so,” Hawley concluded. “There’s got to be real accountability entry oversight.”

“Yeah, it is starting to really scare people, it really is,” Carlson agreed.