‘I Still Think Kelly Was A Great Choice’: Gov. Kemp Opens Up On Why He Went With Loeffler For Senate Run

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After Georgia lost both Senate seats to Democrats, many have asked why former Sen. Kelly Loeffler was chosen to fill the vacant seat in 2019 to begin with, having had no political experience. Republican Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp told the Daily Caller’s Brianna Lyman that he picked Loeffler because he “wanted to win.”

“I really felt like Kelly, much like President Trump, was an outsider, she was a business person, she had never been involved in politics. That’s the same description that you could have for President Trump or David Perdue for that matter. I just felt like she would be the one to go to Washington, help drain the swamp, put Georgians first, she wouldn’t owe anybody anything.”


Former President Donald Trump had pressed Kemp to appoint Republican Georgia Rep. Doug Collins to fill the vacancy, according to CNBC. Collins was a staunch Trump defender during his first impeachment and had political experience that Loeffler didn’t.

Trump was concerned that Loeffler’s lack of experience could hurt her and noted Loeffler was not an original supporter of his, Politico reported. Trump reportedly worried that his supporters might not be on board for Loeffler’s pick.

Still, Kemp said he doesn’t regret his decision, noting the runoff was a tough race.

“Unfortunately, I don’t think Kelly had the opportunity to run the race that I thought she could,” he added. “I still think Kelly was a great choice. Her record was stellar.”

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