Lifeless Woman’s Body Hanged After Already Dying While Waiting For Her Execution In Iran

(Photo by ATTA KENARE/AFP via Getty Images)

Mecca Fowler Contributor
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A woman in Iran was hanged after already dying from a heart attack while awaiting execution, according to The Times, a British publication.

Zahra Ismaili reportedly watched as 16 other inmates were hanged before her and collapsed from a heart attack before it was her turn to be executed. Despite being dead, she was hung at Rajai Shar Prison in Tehran, Iran, according to The Times. (RELATED: Iran Could Have Enough Fissile Material For Nuclear Bomb In ‘Weeks’ If It Doesn’t Rejoin Deal, Blinken Says)

Ismaili was a mother of two children who was in jail for killing her abusive husband in self-defense, according to Iran Human Rights Monitor. She was reportedly moved to solitary confinement Monday, Feb. 15, along with a group of death-row inmates to be processed for execution. Her attorney Omid Moradi described the unfolding of events in a now-deleted Facebook post, according to The Times.

“They hanged her lifeless body, and the victim’s mother personally kicked the stool from under her feet so she could see her daughter-in-law’s corpse on the gallows for even a few seconds,” Moradi wrote, according to multiple reports.

Her husband was reportedly a senior official in the Ministry of Intelligence. In recent weeks, the Islamic Republic has executed a lot of people with death sentences, but executing 17 individuals at the same time is apparently severe.