‘Extremely Bad Message’: Meghan McCain Rips Democrats For Double Standard On Andrew Cuomo And Brett Kavanaugh

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Meghan McCain lashed out Thursday at Democrats who have remained silent in the wake of sexual assault accusations aimed at Democratic New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

McCain mentioned some Democrats — including Cuomo himself — who had rallied behind Dr. Christine Blasey Ford when she made accusations against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, saying on ABC’s “The View” that their silence on Cuomo sent an “extremely bad message.” (RELATED: ‘Media Has Ignored It For A Year’: Meghan McCain Slams Media For Giving Cuomo A Pass While Blasting Cruz)


Cohost Joy Behar was the first to mention Kavanaugh, suggesting that he should have been more thoroughly investigated when accusations surfaced during his confirmation battle.

“I would like to also add that these allegations should be taken seriously and thoroughly investigated just like the following: Jim Jordan, covering up and failing to report sexual abuse of minors by former members of the Ohio State University wrestling team, Brett Kavanaugh, the FBI did a hurried three-day investigation into credible claims from multiple women. Remember that? … Donald Trump who is accused of upwards of 25 women who have accused him of sexual misconduct. If you are going to investigate Cuomo, you better investigate these other people. That’s all I’m saying,” Behar said.

McCain jumped in then, saying that she was glad Behar had mentioned Kavanaugh, and noted that Cuomo had aligned himself with Kavanaugh’s accusers at the time. She went on to note that other champions of the #MeToo movement, such as Democratic New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, had been silent on the accusations against Cuomo despite standing up for Ford.

“Apparently if you are Governor Cuomo and your brother is the host of a big CNN show, and you’re a Democrat, then he has a completely double standard,” McCain continued, saying that a lot of outlets appeared to be giving Cuomo a pass.

“We can’t live in a country and a time where Democrats say, ‘believe all women, oh, except if your politics don’t align,’ and it gives — I feel really bad for the woman who is accusing him right now because there’s a feeling that if your politics don’t align in the right way, that your accusations and your experiences being sexually harassed somehow means something different, and I think it sends an extremely bad message,” McCain added.

McCain concluded by calling on Democrats like Gillibrand to step up and make statements about Cuomo the way so many did about Kavanaugh.