‘C Stands For Cult’: Joy Behar Mocks CPAC, Says Republicans Are ‘Eating Each Other’

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Joy Behar opened Monday’s broadcast of “The View” by mocking the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) and saying that Republicans were “eating each other.”

Behar compared Republicans to pet turtles that literally ate each other when their owners went on vacation, saying, “The people who are getting canceled are Republicans by other Republicans.” (RELATED: Joy Behar Backpedals After Calling For Tucker Carlson To Be ‘Tied Up And Put In A Corner’)


Cohost Whoopi Goldberg began the show with a conversation about former President Donald Trump’s hints at a 2024 presidential run. “I can see you’re just thrilled with that news. What was your response?” she asked.

“Well, first of all, I didn’t watch CPAC, so I have some questions,” Behar replied. “Was there a laugh track this year? Because it’s really the funniest show on television, and I thought, CPAC is perfect because ‘C’ stands for cult. You know, I’ve never seen people working so hard to worship the God that is Donald Trump.”

“I don’t think that he will run again in 2024 unless he does it from Rikers Island,” Behar went on to suggest that Trump was likely to land in prison, adding, “It’s not, like, oh, we can’t imagine a former president under arrest. Yes, we can. Yes, we can, and Cyrus Vance has got some plans for him, and Letitia James has some plans for him.”

Behar wrapped up her point by saying that while Republicans complained about “cancel culture,” it was Republicans who were canceling each other.

“The people who are getting canceled are Republicans by other Republicans, you know, Liz Cheney was canceled by the Josh Hawley wing, and Adam Kinzinger is being canceled, so they’re canceling each other, so they’re eating each other now,” Behar said. “It’s fascinating to watch, and if I may do one turtle story, I saw a thing how when turtles are in their aquariums. Wait, and they start to run out of food, or some people go on vacation and forget they have turtles there, the turtles start to eat each other. That is what is happening in the Republican Party. It’s turtles eating each other up.”