‘You Lie So Shamelessly’: Joe Scarborough Rails Against ‘Anti-Intellectual BS’ Of Cruz, Hawley At CPAC


Brandon Gillespie Media Reporter
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MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough went after Republican Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and Republican Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley on Monday over the content of their speeches at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Orlando, Florida.

In the opening segment of “Morning Joe,” Scarborough, along with co-host Mika Brzezinski, railed against Hawley and Cruz for “attacking country club types” and those who went to Ivy League schools, while calling them “elitists” who also went to ivy league schools. (RELATED: Josh Hawley ‘Just May Well Be The Dumbest Man In America,’ Says Joe Scarborough After Senator Loses Book Deal)

“First you had Ted Cruz, Mr. anti-elitist who went to Princeton and Harvard. And then you had Josh Hawley, Mr. anti-elitist who … went to Yale and then Stanford,” Scarborough began. “And then you have Donald Trump again, Mr. populist, who not only went to an Ivy League school, but now lives at a country club … You say the Democrats are like country club types. No. Your guy lives, not only at a country club, at his own country club.”

He went on to say that Hawley and Cruz are “such elitists, that they think their supporters are really, really stupid” and that he assumes if you go to an Ivy League school that you start thinking “you’re smarter than everybody else.”

“You spend all weekend attacking country club types. You’re all Ivy League elitists. You all passed tax cuts for the richest people on the planet. You attack big tech. But you pass tax cuts that actually allow Amazon to pay zero in taxes … I mean, you lie so shamelessly. You’re all Ivy League brats,” Scarborough said. 

He continued, using various names to describe Hawley and Cruz, such as “Princeton boy,” “Harvard boy,” and “Ivy League boy,” before finally concluding, saying, “Come on, guys. At least take a couple of acting classes … At this point you’re so shameless, you’re anti-intellectual BS is so shameless, that you humiliate yourselves.” 

Neither Cruz nor Hawley mentioned Ivy League schools in their CPAC speeches, but Hawley did speak against “liberal elites,” and Cruz said that the Republican party is “not the party just of the country clubs.” They both attended Ivy League universities, but have campaigned and spoken against “elites” throughout their time in office. Hawley has even been critical of Yale University, his alma mater, in recent years, saying in 2019 that they have become more “discriminatory” against certain groups of students.