‘A Foil Against Donald Trump’: NY Post’s Miranda Devine Warns That Cuomo Is Expendable Now That He’s ‘Served His Purpose’

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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New York Post columnist Miranda Devine warned Monday that Democratic New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo had “served his purpose” and would be discarded.

Devine said during an appearance on “Fox News Primetime” that Cuomo had played a very specific role — namely a foil to former President Donald Trump — and that the role was no longer necessary. (RELATED: ‘Is There A Red Line?’: WaPo Reporter Presses Jen Psaki On Accusations Against Gov. Cuomo)


“What about his attempt to, you know, create his own investigation?” host Lawrence Jones asked, adding, “He wanted to control the process of the investigation against him.”

“That’s the way he rolls. That’s just the way, the Cuomo way in New York,” Devine replied, saying that Cuomo had abused power and evaded accountability in the past. “It’s always worked for him.”

Devine believed Cuomo had reached the end of that road — but only because his own party was beginning to turn on him.

“The Democrats decided he was of no more use. He had served his purpose as a foil against Donald Trump last year, as the good guy, the perfect gold standard leadership guy compared to the terrible Donald Trump,” Devine continued. “He played that role remarkably well. He got an Emmy for it.”

Devine then said that behind the scenes, Cuomo’s policies had been disastrous — and that he had never been willing to take responsibility for his decisions.

“Now he’s of no use, he’s just being discarded. I hope all Democrats look at that and see that’s the fate for them,” she said.

Jones cut in, noting that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had made a statement regarding Cuomo, saying she was “glad to see” that an independent investigation was coming.

“The hypocrisy in this,” Jones continued. “Your husband was accused of this. You decided to stand by your husband, you demonized the women. We know there’s proof that he was doing some dirty business.”

“Well, we know that Hillary Clinton is a hypocrite from way back,” Devine replied. “That’s her specialty. It’s amazing that she and all the other Democrat women who were front and center calling for Brett Kavanaugh to be hung, drawn and quartered as a gang rapist, took so long to come out, to make these mealy-mouthed, ‘give him due process’ statements about Cuomo.”