Will Smith Answers Whether He Would Ever Step Away From Acting To Run For Office

(Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Will Smith definitely got everyone’s attention when he was asked if he would ever step away from acting to run for political office and he didn’t rule it out.

“I think for now I’ll let that office get cleaned up a little bit and then I’ll consider that at some point down the line,” the 52-year-old actor explained during his appearance with Jon Favreau on the “Crooked Media’s Pod Save America,” the Hollywood Reporter shared in a piece published Monday. (RELATED: Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson ‘Would Consider’ Running For President If People Wanted Him In Office)

“I absolutely have an opinion, I’m optimistic, I’m hopeful, I believe in understanding between people and I believe in the possibility of harmony,” he added. “I will certainly do my part, whether it remains artistic or, at some point, ventures into the political arena.” (RELATED: Will Smith In The Trailer For Netflix’s Sci-Fi Thriller ‘Bright’)

At one point, the “Bad Boys” star also talked about his experiences in life and times he’s dealt with racism. (RELATED: Jada Pinkett-Smith Opens Up About Her Past Relationship With Porn)

“I’ve been called [n-word] to my face probably five or six times,” the Hollywood superstar shared. “And fortunately for my psyche, I’ve never been called [n-word] by a smart person.”

“I grew up with the impression that racists and racism were stupid, and they were easy to get around,” he added. “I just had to be smarter now while they were very dangerous. I had never looked into the eyes of a racist and saw anything that I perceived as intellect.”