Boy Scouts Of America Submits Reorganization Plan To Delaware Bankruptcy Court

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Elizabeth Louise Contributor
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The Boy Scouts of America (BSA) submitted bankruptcy documents Monday which outline a plan on how the organization would deal with the thousands of allegations of sexual abuse made against former Boy Scout leaders, according to the Associated Press (AP).

The plan, which was submitted in a Delaware bankruptcy court, calls for around 250 local BSA chapters to donate $300 million in contributions into a fund for the organization to use to pay the victims of sexual abuse, the AP reported.

The BSA has set aside $75 million to use when it comes out of bankruptcy and reportedly claims that any money the organization doesn’t use will be set aside to be put into the fund for the victims, according to the AP.

“The plan demonstrates that considerable progress has been made as we continue to work with all parties toward achieving our strategy to provide equitable compensation for victims and address our other financial obligations so that we can continue to serve youth for years to come,” the BSA said in a statement they released, according to the AP. (RELATED: Boy Scouts On Verge Of Bankruptcy)

“In the coming months, supplements to the plan will include a more detailed breakdown of the process to compensate survivors and more details about how local councils will support this effort,” the statement continued.

The BSA organization filed for Chapter 11  bankruptcy in early Feb. 2020 in the wake of thousands of allegations of sexual abuse against former Boy Scout leaders. As a result of the bankruptcy filing, a deadline was established in order to establish a process that allowed victims to come forward with their claims and for those claims to be properly examined.

In 2017, the organization announced that they would be allowing girls to join and take part in their cub scout program, followed by a move in May 2018 to go from Boy Scouts to Scouts BSA.