Rush Limbaugh’s Wife Shares Details About Legendary Broadcaster’s Funeral

(Photo by MANDEL NGAN/AFP via Getty Images)

Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Rush Limbaugh’s wife Kathryn Limbaugh shared intimate details Tuesday about his funeral service and a final clip of the legendary broadcaster talking about it before his death.

The late broadcaster’s wife shared with listeners how it “helps” her and fans to “all be together and grieve in a sense and keep our Rush with us in that way,” according to a transcript of “The Rush Limbaugh Show.” (RELATED: ‘I Wasn’t Expected To Be Alive Today’: Rush Limbaugh Delivers Final 2020 Message Of Gratitude)

“So that conversation happened last year in about October,” Kathryn shared, talking about his funeral and how she and Rush called it “his upcoming ‘event,'” because “that was a little bit more fun than the other.”

Kathryn and Rush had discussed the “event” and that “he was very, actually, excited.”

“So that can give you some comfort,” Rush’s widow said. “But Rush was buried last Wednesday in St. Louis, Missouri, at a wonderful cemetery called Bellefontaine — it could also be pronounced ‘Bell Fountain’ — a cemetery in St. Louis, Missouri.”

“And just to picture it, it might remind you a bit of Arlington or other historic cemeteries around the world, with winding hills and pathways and big trees that are bare right now but in the upcoming months they will be full and green and very lovely to walk around,” she added. “But as I said in that clip, I’ve always said Rush is just shy of a president, in my opinion.”

“From the moment that he left the house here in Palm Beach, there was a procession escorting Rush to the transport plane that would take him to St. Louis, and then when we arrived in St. Louis, there was a procession leading to the cemetery,” Kathryn continued.

Rush’s wife shared how Limbaugh was “was never left alone” at any time during the procession and that  “there was a horse-drawn carriage waiting for him, and it was simply stunning.”

“It was very peaceful, very beautiful,” Kathryn explained. “And we followed behind the horse-drawn carriage until we reached the chapel. And when we reached the chapel, we had a small service in the chapel which is located in the cemetery. Rush was escorted into the chapel to his favorite version of The Battle Hymn of the Republic.”

Kathryn also talked about Rush being escorted to his resting place as “America the Beautiful,” by Charles Ray, and a musical version of the “Irish Blessing,” accompanied the procession. She noted these songs were some of Rush’s favorites.