‘School Of Rock’ Star Rivkah Reyes Says Role Led To Addiction

(Credit: YouTube Screenshot Rivkah Reyes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KAnRgjYBVZI)

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“School of Rock” star Rivkah Reyes claims her role in the film led to her addiction.

Reyes told the New York Post that her childhood stardom made her “a raging addict” in an article published Tuesday. She has been outspoken in the past about how she was sexualized at the age of 10 after her role in “School of Rock.” (RELATED: ‘School Of Rock’ Kid Star Arrested On Four Felony Charges)

“From the age of 14, I used drugs, alcohol, sex, food, and self-harm to numb all of this pain,” Reyes wrote in a post published on Medium back in March of 2020. “I’ve survived dozens of toxic relationships and three suicide attempts. I’m not saying all of this is because I played bass in a movie when I was a kid but because I spent over a decade terrified that I’d peaked at 10 years old.”

“Even recently, over half of the comments on my social media are from dudes who had a crush on the 10-year-old me (some of them are really gross, and I want to thank my friends who never hesitate to drag those goblins),” she added. “Sometimes the comments are people asking me why I stopped acting, which fills me with rage. Actors are worth so much more than their IMDb credits.”

Reyes claimed that despite the fame she experienced at 10 years old, she doesn’t regret her experience filming “School of Rock.” Reyes played Katie in the classic film.

“It was nothing but love and support,” Reyes told the New York Post. “I have never lost gratitude for that, or wish that I wasn’t part of it.”