Alec And Hilaria Baldwin Reportedly Welcome 6th Baby Via Surrogate, 5 Months After She Gave Birth

(Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images)

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Actor Alec Baldwin and wife Hilaria (Hillary) Baldwin reportedly used a surrogate for baby number six.

A source confirmed the surrogacy to the People, although neither Alec nor Hilaria (Hillary) have confirmed it themselves. The baby announcement left fans confused since the couple welcomed baby number five in September.

Alec told fans to mind their own business Monday after people questioned the birth of baby number six. An Instagram user commented on Alec’s post about the baby asking who the mother was.

“Who’s the mother? She wasn’t pregnant,” the commenter wrote, Page Six noted. “She gave birth six months ago. If it was a surrogate just say that. If the baby was adopted just say that. If the baby was the product of an affair and you’ve decided to raise it with your wife just say that. If you don’t want to say anything – why don’t you both stop constantly posting and begging for clickbait. Just raise you 100 children in private.”

“You should shut the f*ck up and mind your own business,” Alec reportedly responded.

The author’s fake Spanish controversy has led to a heightened scrutiny of Hilaria (Hillary) and her family. Hilaria (Hillary) was thrown into the spotlight in December after a Twitter user started a thread accusing the author and yoga instructor of faking her Spanish heritage. Hilaria (Hillary) defended her accent and claimed people were just “confused” about her heritage. Alec defended his wife at the time.