‘You Don’t Speak For The Black Community!’: Leo Terrell Goes After College Professor Over Canceling Dr. Seuss

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Brandon Gillespie Media Reporter
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Civil Rights Attorney Leo Terrell and American University professor Dr. Omekongo Dibinga got into a heated argument Tuesday regarding whether certain Dr. Seuss Books should be canceled on Fox News’ “Hannity.”

Host Sean Hannity began the discussion by asking Dibinga why he supports “canceling” Dr. Seuss books which have been deemed to contain “racist” imagery. (RELATED: Leo Terrell: ‘Cancel Culture Is Going To Backfire, Because It Denies History’)

“I specifically object to images that depict Asians in a horrible light, that depict African people … in a horrible light, and this is something that Dr. Seuss has had a history of doing,” said Dibinga, who supported the ban.

Critics of Dr. Seuss’ books claimed “And to Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street,” portrays Asian persons in stereotypical fashion. “If I Ran the Zoo” depicts shoeless African persons who are wearing skirts made out of plants, according to the Associated Press.

“[The characters are] made to look like they’re exotic, where they’re made to look like they are less than civilized; and that is also the case with the African characters that appear in the books,” Professor Dibinga said.

Hannity then gave the other guest, Terrell, a chance to respond, and things got loud and heated.

“This professor would not tell us who’s been harmed by these books,” Terrell, a civil rights lawyer, said. “You name me one person, first and last name, who has been harmed by these books. You cannot do it. You talk about racism. Tell me where this racism exists.”

Terrell also said that as historical books, those in question should not be banned.

Terrell asked Dibinga if he could name “specific people” harmed by the books.

“Sure. I can name the black community that has been harmed by this book,” the professor responded.

Terrell interrupted again, yelling, “Do not say that! You do not represent the black community! You know you’re wrong! You’re absolutely wrong! … You don’t represent me! For you to sit here and say that is a lie! … You don’t speak for the black community! You don’t speak for the black community!”

Hannity jumped in to calm down the exchange and noted that the former President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama promoted the books.

“Did they miss something?” Hannity asked.

Dibinga began to respond, but Terrell began yelling again and the two talked over each other until Hannity ended the segment.