Michael Moore, Keith Olbermann Slammed For Saying Texans Shouldn’t Get Vaccines After Gov. Abbott Drops Mask Mandate

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Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Michael Moore and Keith Olbermann were slammed for stating that Texans shouldn’t get the vaccine after Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott dropped the state-wide mask mandate.

“First Keith Olbermann and now Michael Moore … don’t be like this,” New York Magazine and Huffington Post reporter Yashar Ali tweeted Wednesday, along with a screenshot of Moore’s tweet. The filmmaker, who has made controversial remarks in the past, said Texans “don’t need our precious vaccine” which should be “sent” to people “who are saving lives by wearing masks.” (RELATED: Michael Moore: ‘F**k Hope, Seriously, F**k Hope,’ Trump Will Be ‘The Last President’)

“Don’t punish people for the decisions of their political leaders,” Ali added, responding to Moore. “And don’t claim to care about minorities if you’re going to say stuff like this.” (RELATED: Michael Moore: ‘Trump–You Know Exactly What You’re Doing’ With Anti-Media Rhetoric)

“Keith [Olbermann], my grandmother lives in Austin,” writer Charlotte Clymer tweeted in response to Olbermann’s post. “Why are we wasting vaccinations on Texas if Texas has decided to join the side of the virus?” Olbermann had asked on Twitter.

“She’s done everything right, and yet, that shouldn’t even matter,” Clymer explained. “These are human beings. There is no metric of ‘deserving’ for a vaccine. Everyone who needs one should get one, regardless of where they live and their elected officials.”

Other commentators, including Molly Jong-Fast and Matthew Yglesias, reacted to the controversial tweet.