‘No Skin In The Game’: Greg Gutfeld Bashes Leaders, Media For Exempting Themselves And Attacking Texas

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Fox News host Greg Gutfeld criticized leaders and media personalities who attacked Texas for reopening despite having “no skin in the game.”

Gutfeld argued that many of them had “exemptions” from the strain of continued lockdowns — such as access to tutors and private schools — while most Americans did not. (RELATED: ‘It Took Three Years To Finally Slay The Fine People Hoax’: Greg Gutfeld Flames Media For Reshaping Narratives)


Cohost Dana Perino referenced Texas’ plan to repeal the mask mandate and reopen all businesses to 100% capacity, noting President Joe Biden’s response was to accuse them of “Neanderthal thinking.”

“The word ‘Neanderthal,’ let me tell you, that’s some fighting words, Greg, because that gets people in Texas to think, ‘Don’t mess with us,'” Perino said.

“What a surprise, though, it’s always about people with Democrats, you are deplorable, you’re unsalvageable, you’re a Neanderthal, probably a white supremacist guilty of white privilege … They only smear populations,” Gutfeld replied. “We focus people — on the actual individuals, we don’t go after Biden voters, right? Or Californians.”

Gutfeld went on to criticize other leaders and media personalities who, like Biden, were attacking Texas for taking such a bold step.

“But here’s the issue with people like Joe Biden and those clones, you can’t win against the ‘wait until it’s 100% safe’ argument,” Gutfeld continued. “We saw this coming, we knew this because leaders and the media both have no skin in this game. They have jobs, they have exemptions and kids in private schools and tutors. They can go on forever and it will be just great.

Gutfeld then pivoted to praise Texas for going ahead with the plan to reopen, comparing the state to the one person who takes a risk and goes for help.

“If Texas were a person, it’s the person who leaves the lost group of hikers to go and seek help, it’s the person who assumes the risk first on behalf of others, the state actually stepped up,” Gutfeld said. “And the media, the media is that person in every disaster movie that needs to be slapped by the hero.”