‘Where’s The Vice President?’: Dana Perino Asks Why Kamala Harris Hasn’t Addressed Cuomo Accusations

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Fox News host Dana Perino asked Monday why Vice President Kamala Harris has remained silent on sexual harassment accusations against Democratic New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

Perino predicted that eventually President Joe Biden and Harris would be forced to call Cuomo and advise him to not seek reelection in 2022. (RELATED: ‘Joe Biden, Will You Ever Talk To Us?’: Dana Perino Notes Media Frustration As Bidens Give First Interview To People Magazine)


Co-host Dagen McDowell weighed in on the accusations ahead of Perino, referencing “The Silence of the Lambs” when she called Cuomo “Buffalo Bill without the dance moves.”

“He had a hand in killing 15,000 elderly New Yorkers. He lied about it and covered it up,” McDowell began, saying the aides who covered up the nursing home deaths could lead to Cuomo’s downfall. “He lied to the federal government. That is — that might be the tipping point for him. But Cuomos get away with everything because they were born and raised in power and privilege. They get away with it because of their daddy and their politics are on the left side.”

Perino then turned back to the women who have accused Cuomo of sexual harassment, asking why the vice president had not given a statement on the scandal.

“You keep hearing people say, ‘If one more woman comes out, he will have to resign.’ Now there’s multiple and it’s still not happening,” Perino said. “I did ask this, Jesse. Where is the vice president on this?”

Perino concluded by saying that Cuomo could be a liability for both Biden and Harris if they chose not to say something.

“The other thing is with her, I think at some point both Biden and Kamala Harris might come to a decision that somebody needs to call Andrew Cuomo and say this is a distraction we don’t need and he will just announce he’s not going to run for another term,” she said.

Cuomo, who has not yet resigned, faces sexual misconduct allegations from five women, a federal probe into whether he knowingly undercounted nursing home deaths and a likely resolution for his impeachment.