‘Really Hard To Watch’: Meghan McCain Compares Meghan And Harry To ‘Ex-Cult Members’ After Oprah Interview


Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Meghan McCain compared Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to “ex-cult members” after their lengthy interview with Oprah Winfrey.

McCain and her cohosts discussed the interview during Monday’s broadcast of “The View” on ABC, and she said at times they had sounded like people who left the Church of Scientology. (RELATED: ‘Put A Fork In Him’: Meghan McCain Is ‘Over Cuomo’ — Sunny Hostin Tries To Make It About Donald Trump)


Cohost Sunny Hostin was the first to weigh in on Markle’s claim that some in the royal family had voiced concern over her son Archie and “how dark his skin might be.”

“I don’t think that any woman or black woman, woman of color was surprised at that. I mean, it’s something that we’ve all experienced, sort of the — not only the blatant racism, but the unconscious bias,” Hostin began. “The racism in the workplace, the outward hostility towards the idea of — of a dark-skinned heir to the throne, and Harry’s son. I don’t think any of us were surprised.”

Saying that she felt sad for Markle, Hostin went on to call the British Empire “the OG of racism,” claiming “a lot of the U.K. is built on the backs of black and brown people.”

McCain echoed a lot of Hostin’s sentiments, adding, “It was really hard to watch. I mean, they were talking like ex-cult members that had somehow fled and made it out. It reminded me of, like, watching people who had somehow escaped Scientology.”

McCain went on to suggest that the royal family would need to come out with statements on that particular issue, arguing that it was not enough to simply put out a simple statement clarifying that it was neither the Queen nor Prince Philip who raised the issue of Archie’s race.

“I think the comments about Archie’s skin color are going to be comments that haunt them forever. I would have preferred to have known who it was,” McCain continued, saying the British public had a right to know especially if the person in question had been Prince Charles or William, both of whom might be king in the future.

“I’m not British so I don’t know, but the queen and everyone better come out with some kind of statement. They just can’t sit back and ignore this,” she concluded.