Woman Discovers Father Is On FBI Most Wanted List From DNA Test

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Bradley Devlin General Assignment & Analysis Reporter
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A woman looking into her family genealogy found she is the daughter of one of the FBI’s Most Wanted Fugitives through a DNA test, Fox News reported.

The woman, Kathy Gillcrist, was adopted as an infant and now lives in North Carolina, according to Fox News. In 2017, Gillcrist began searching for her biological parents, according to FOX Television Stations. Through DNA testing, Gillcrist found her biological father is wanted for murdering his mother, wife, and three sons in 1976, Fox News reported.

William Bradford Bishop Jr. allegedly bludgeoned his mother and wife to death on March 1, 1976 in Bethesda, Maryland, according to the FBI. Bishop allegedly also murdered his 5-, 10- and 14-year-old sons the same night before burying the bodies in Columbia, North Carolina, and lit them on fire.

Gillcrist was born from a different relationship between Bishop and another woman that gave her up for adoption, according to Fox News.

Gillcrist’s third cousin, Susan Gilmor, helped Gillcrist look into her biological parent’s family history and uncovered the truth about her father. “I was raised by people with a great sense of humor … and I laughed,” Gillcrist told FOX Television Stations. “Of course that’s why he’s famous … he was a murderer,” she said. (RELATED: Coke Can Turns Out To Be The Key In 40-Year-Old Murder Cold Case In Colorado)

Gillcrist’s fugitive father would be 84-years-old if he is alive today, Fox News reported. The FBI said the public should consider Bishop armed and extremely dangerous with suicidal tendencies, according to Fox News. The agency also said Bishop is a longtime insomniac, had used medication to treat depression, was prone to violence, and self-absorbed.

“My gut feeling is he’s alive and living in Europe,” Gillcrist told FOX Television Stations. “Because he lived in Europe for a time. He had the means and cognitive abilities to get himself back there,” she said.