Disney CEO Hits Back At Claims Over Why Gina Carano Was Fired, Says Company Is Neither ‘Left-Leaning Or Right-Leaning’

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Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Disney CEO Bob Chapek hit back at claims over why Gina Carano was fired and said the company is neither “left-leaning or right-leaning.”

During the company’s annual meeting, Chapek told shareholders he doesn’t “really see Disney as characterizing itself as left-leaning or right-leaning,” Mediaite.com reported Tuesday.

The statement came in response to a shareholder who accused Hollywood and the company of a double standard in firing “The Mandalorian” star because she’s a conservative, the outlet noted. (RELATED: Ted Cruz: ‘Of Course Disney Cancelled’ Gina Carano)

Chapek explained the decision was about “values that are universal: respect, decency, integrity and inclusion and we seek to have the content that we make reflective of the rich diversity of the world we live in,” The Hollywood Reporter reported. (RELATED: Gina Carano Fired From ‘The Mandalorian’ After Social Media Post Involving Jews In The Holocaust)

“And I think that’s a world we should all live in harmony and peace,” he added.

Carano was fired from the hit Disney Plus series due to social media comments which made a comparison between the Nazi’s hatred of Jews and hating someone based solely on their political views.

Lucasfilm, which is owned by Disney, shared in a statement last month that Carano’s “social media posts denigrating people based on their cultural and religious identities are abhorrent and unacceptable.”

Last month, Carano spoke to Ben Shapiro after she had been fired and noted the double standard between her and co-star Pedro Pascal. In 2018, Pascal compared the illegal immigrants in U.S. “cages” to Jews in concentration camps, the outlet noted. He was not held to the same standard as Carano.