‘How Dare She Go After Him’: Harris Faulkner Flames MSNBC Host For Mocking Tim Scott As ‘Patina Of Diversity’

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David Krayden Ottawa Bureau Chief
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Fox News host Harris Faulkner went after MSNBC’s Joy Reid for mocking Republican South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott as a mere “patina of diversity” for the GOP.


Fox News contributor Richard Fowler responded to a video clip of Reid making the comment by saying, “My point is that Tim Scott can say and show up wherever he would like and take positions. He has the right to vote how he wants to vote. I think he does what he needs to do. I think the Democratic Party should be more concerned with the issues and what our people care about than Tim Scott.”

“So you’re not going to respond to what the actual segment is about,” Faulkner challenged Fowler.

“I think the Democratic Party is obsessed with race and at every turn they have to go back to race and use it as a wedge issue,” said Fox News contributor Tomi Lahren. “But for Joy Reid to go and use that and be so insulting and condescending to someone and essentially calling him a token we parade about the Republican Party that is perhaps about the most racist thing I ever heard,” Lahren continued, noting that both the Democratic Party and the media should consider Reid’s words.


DOUGLASVILLE, GEORGIA - OCTOBER 28: U.S. Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) wears a face mask that reads "God Bless America" during a campaign event with U.S. Sen. Kelly Loeffler (R-GA) at Metro Garage Door on October 28, 2020 in Douglasville, Georgia. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

U.S. Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) wears a face mask that reads “God Bless America” during a campaign event with then-Sen. Kelly Loeffler (R-GA) at Metro Garage Door on Oct. 28, 2020 in Douglasville, Georgia. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Lahren called it “disgusting” to talk about national unity while dissing a senator and “calling him a prop like he’s just being used and he doesn’t do and say the things that he wants to do because he believes them in his soul.”

“Over the summer we did a townhall, ‘Harris Faulkner Presents The Fight for America,’ and we talked about … a host of race issues,” Faulkner said on Tuesday’s “The Faulkner Focus.” “And Scott sat with me on that townhall, July 19, and he talked about the seven times he’d been pulled over by Capitol Hill police checking his identification, driving while black. How dare she — how dare she go after him.”

“Patina of diversity,” Faulkner repeated. “Wow.” (RELATED: Trump Endorses Tim Scott For His 2022 Senate Bid)

A sports journalist lost his job when he dismissed Scott as an “Uncle Tom.” When the senator took center stage at the Republican National Convention along with other non-white speakers, left-wing critics claimed it was all faux diversity.