‘A Mockery Of The American Dream’: John Kennedy Says Biden Nominees Are ‘Obsessed With Race, Gender And Sexuality’

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Republican Louisiana Sen. John Kennedy said Tuesday that President Joe Biden’s nominees appeared to be “obsessed with race, gender and sexuality.”

Kennedy spoke with host Trey Gowdy on “Fox News Primetime,” giving his assessment of the president’s cabinet nominations so far and his predictions as to what the American people might expect in upcoming confirmation hearings. (RELATED: ‘Gut Louisiana Like A Fish’: John Kennedy Warns Of Fallout From Biden’s Oil And Gas Orders)


Gowdy began the segment with a comment about the confirmation hearings of Attorney General Merrick Garland, saying they had been civil. He then asked whether Kennedy believed future nominations, particularly with regard to the Justice Department, might be “a little rockier.”

“I don’t want just talk specifically about one nomination,” Kennedy replied, saying that he saw two repeating characteristics that appeared to be consistent among almost all of Biden’s nominees so far.

“You’ve got to worship on the altar of climate change,” Kennedy said, adding, “The people that he has nominated don’t see climate change is a discrete scientific problem. They see it as a religion.”

“And number two, it appears at least most, if not all, of his nominees are obsessed with race and gender and sexuality,” Kennedy continued.

Kennedy went on to argue that Biden’s nominees appeared to believe America in itself was “wicked,” both in its origins and execution over time.

He said they believed that “most Americans are racist, most Americans are misogynistic, most Americans are sexist, and most Americans are homophobic.”

“And that’s not the America that I live in,” Kennedy concluded, saying the logical conclusion was quotas. “I’m afraid that where this is going to lead, I hope I’m wrong, is quotas, which is are illegal, unconstitutional, and which will make mockery of the American dream.”