‘Disgusting’: Trump Jr. Criticizes Democrats For Giving ‘Groper In Chief’ Cuomo A Pass

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Donald Trump Jr. criticized Democrats during a Monday appearance on Sean Hannity’s show, referring to Democratic New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo as the  “groper in chief.”

Trump argued that Democrats were still not coming out with full-throated condemnations of Cuomo — despite multiple accusations of sexual harassment against the New York Governor and the fact that some were gleefully attempting the cancellation of cartoon character Pepe Le Pew. (RELATED: ‘Call Me Old-Fashioned’: Greg Gutfeld Says Cuomo’s ‘Rest Home Massacre’ Was Worse Than Alleged Harassment)


“It’s sort of amazing,” Trump Jr. began by addressing the investigation into Cuomo’s handling of the pandemic, specifically with regard to orders that placed COVID-positive patients in nursing homes. “That is probably the bigger scandal, although it seems like perhaps the Democrats are sweeping that under the rug in lieu now of the accusations against our groper-in-chief as of New York.

Trump went on to note the irony of Democrats not believing all women on International Women’s Day of all days.

“Andrea Stewart Cousins, last week she actually said, ‘Well, if another accuser comes out, then he should resign,'” Trump pointed out, noting that, at the time, three accusers had already gone public against Cuomo. “I guess if you are a Democrat governor, you get that kind of leeway.”

“The left is really busy spending a lot of time trying to cancel characters, cartoons like Pepe Le Pew when they could be actually trying to cancel people who are actually behaving like Pepe Le Pew times ten and that happens to be the Governor of New York. This kind of stuff is disgusting, Sean,” Trump Jr. continued.

Trump Jr. went on to argue that any Republican facing a fraction of the scandals Cuomo found himself embroiled in would have been pushed out of office long ago.

“How many more are there, Sean? How many more are there that are just afraid to come forward because it would be damaging to their career in Democrat politics? I understand that. You think that people in the Cuomo machine won’t go after those people?” Trump Jr. added, pivoting to blame the media for putting Cuomo on a pedestal during the early days of his response to the coronavirus pandemic.

“The media made this guy a hero. They made him a deity. He was literally 49 or 50 out of 50 states in terms of performance. And yet because he was willing to talk poorly about my father, they gave him a throne and a scepter and they let him do his thing,” Trump concluded. “It was a joke and it was a sham and I think we are starting to realize that now.”