Get Two Lines Of Tello Prepaid For Six Months For Over Half-Off!

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From proper dinner table etiquette to the way you write work emails, you face a lot of restricting rules in nearly every facet of your life. But when it comes to going mobile, tight guidelines and contracts can really cramp your style not to mention the amount of money you end up spending.

If you want to make texts and calls freely, a prepaid plan with Tello is just what the doctor ordered. Not only does a plan with Tello save you serious cash, but it comes in a game-changing bundle, offering you unlimited talk and text plus 2GB/month for a total of six months. You’ll also get 4G LTE coverage, coast-to-coast, on a top nationwide GSM network.

In addition to domestic calls, the plan also gives you minutes to Canada, China, and Mexico for no extra charge. You even get a free hotspot! You’ll also get access to unlimited 2G data once you run through your allotted data, making web use, sending texts, and more, easier than ever.

Like the way things are sounding so far? Then you’ll definitely want to hop on this incredible deal that offers you two Tello phone lines for six whole months at just $79 bucks! You’ll get to enjoy a restriction-free, contractless plan on two different lines for 180 days without ever worrying about secret fees. And if after the pre-paid six months you want to continue on, you can explore a wide range of options. Otherwise, you can cancel right then and there, no strings attached.

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“Still the best deal around. Great service and great price!” – Selina

“Very good builder customer services and contact, makes me very happy!” – Henry H.

“We made the switch to Tello a while ago and have been very pleased with the reliable service and fantastic pricing!” – Wendy
Right now, you can get 2 Lines of Tello Value Prepaid 6-Month Plan: Unlimited Talk/Text + 2GB LTE Data for just $79 bucks. That’s a whopping 52% off its regular rate!
Prices subject to change.

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