Jesse Watters Flames Chris Cuomo: ‘Why Do Rich, White Liberals Feel Like They Need To See Race In Everything?’

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Fox News host Jesse Watters took aim Wednesday at CNN’s Chris Cuomo, accusing him of the “lazy punditry” and making everything about race.

Watters said Cuomo — who argued conservatives were most likely critical of Meghan Markle because of her race — “probably didn’t have a creative angle for the segment that night, so he got lazy and played the race card.” (RELATED: ‘That Is Collective Insanity’: Jesse Watters Says Democrats Care More About ‘Isms’ Than Issues)


“The Five” co-host Greg Gutfeld began the segment by arguing if everyone was always accused of racism, the accusation would lose all real meaning. “What I’m saying is the constant accusation of racism when you are being critical of somebody in the media, whether you’re being critical of somebody who is in royalty and a celebrity, maybe it’s not always racism,” he said.

“It is a lazy punditry, Greg, something I’m a little familiar with myself,” Watters replied. “I think Chris Cuomo is smarter than this. We get paid to tee off on people. If Barack Obama were white, I’d still go after Obamacare. If Beto O’Rourke were black, I would still make fun of his silly hand gestures.”

Watters went on to accuse Cuomo of giving a shallow analysis, saying, “What is happening is Chris Cuomo probably didn’t have a creative angle for the segment that night, so he got lazy and played the race card.”

“Why do rich, white liberals feel like they need to see race in everything?” Watters continued, saying people had gone out of their way in recent weeks to find racism in everything, from the CPAC stage to criticisms of Markle.

His conclusion was that people looked for racism — whether it was present or not — in order to keep power among Democrats.

“They need to go to their buddies in the black community and say, ‘Hey, hey, I’m a white guy but I’m not like one of those white guys. Those white guys aren’t cool. I’m one of the cool white guys,'” Watters said. “If the Republican Party is all white, they’re racist and if they have a few blacks, it is a token and still racist.”