Sen. John Barrasso Shares What He Thinks Is ‘Really Uniting’ Republicans: ‘Biden Policies’


Brandon Gillespie Media Reporter
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Republican Wyoming Sen. John Barrasso explained Wednesday that he sees President Joe Biden’s policies as “uniting” the Republican Party ahead of the 2022 midterm elections.

Barrasso appeared on “CNN Newsroom” to discuss with host Jim Sciutto former President Donald Trump’s role in “uniting or dividing” the Republican Party and how Biden’s policies could unite Republicans. (RELATED: ‘What Do We Do To Own The Libs?’: Joe Scarborough Explains His Take On The New Republican ‘Philosophy’)

Sciutto began by asking Barrasso about the “battle” between the Republican National Committee (RNC) and Trump over fundraising donations.

“The thing that’s really uniting the Republican Party right now is the Biden administration and Biden policies,” Barrasso responded, not mentioning the disagreement between Trump and the RNC. “What we see happening at the border is uniting Republicans. What Biden has done with his executive orders in terms of energy and jobs and the economy. The fact that gasoline prices are up 60 cents a gallon.”

“Those are the things that are going to continue to unite Republicans as we focus on the 2022 elections, which I think is going to be a very good year for Republicans,” he added.

Sciutto noted Barrasso didn’t say “Trump is uniting the party,” and asked if he thought the former president was “uniting or dividing it.”

“He is a very influential member of the party. Nobody can get the crowd on their feet like President Trump can and will continue to do,” Barrasso answered. “I’m saying the single uniting factor is our opposition to the sort of the things that Joe Biden is doing with spending, with the crisis at the border … And the jobs that are being lost in American energy, as well as our influence in the world, by his executive orders and the target that he has painted on the back of energy.”

Sciutto went on to say that “clearly Biden’s policies have united Republicans in voting against, for instance, stimulus,” and asked if Trump’s attacks on fellow Republicans “help unite the Republican Party.” (RELATED: Sen. John Thune Brushes Off Criticism From Trump: ‘If Getting Primaried Is The Price’ For Speaking Truth, ‘Then So Be It’)

“We’re going to be united in 2022. We’re going to continue to work together and continue to try to stop some of these policies that all of us believe are bad for the country,” Barrasso concluded.

Congressional Republicans have largely united against some of the larger pieces of Democratic-sponsored legislation, such as the $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief package, and legislation addressing various voting laws and transgender issues.