People Are Super Upset A Well-Known Liberal Troll Is Making Big Bucks Posting Dem Talking Points To Twitter

Douglas E. Curran/AFP via Getty Images

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A popular Twitter account known as Brooklyn Dad has been paid nearly $60,000 by a progressive super PAC to post liberal talking points on the social media platform, users revealed Wednesday.

Brooklyn Dad, aka Majid Padellan, was paid $57,088 by the liberal super PAC Really American PAC, according to OpenSecrets. Padellan was one of the top ten recipients of the PAC’s expenditures.

Really American PAC’s disbursement list from 2019-2020 showed that the PAC had paid Padellan for “consulting/strategy,” “social media consulting,” and “computer equipment” according to the Federal Election Commission (FEC). (RELATED: Media Matters Founder Accused Of Illegally Profiting From Progressive Nonprofit Group)

Twitter users were upset that Padellan was paid by the PAC, calling the account a “shill” and a “troll.”

Others jumped to his defense, arguing that Padellan being paid by the super PAC was not an issue and that he deserved to be paid for his tweets.