TikTok Introduces New ‘Kindness’ Features, Asks Users To Reconsider Cruel Comments Before Posting

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Connor McCrory Journalist
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TikTok implemented new features to encourage users to be kinder to each other and to reduce bullying on the app, the company announced Wednesday.

The app has added a new prompt that allows users to moderate their own comments. TikTok’s “Consider before you comment” prompt asks people to reconsider posting a comment that may be inappropriate or unkind and to remind people of TikTok’s community guidelines, the company said in a press release.

Creators on the app will also be able to set filters on comments, which uses artificial intelligence to delete or approve comments based on TikTok’s community guidelines. That “filter all comments” feature “builds on our existing collection of comment controls that allow people to filter spam and offensive comments, and specific keywords,” TikTok said in a statement. (RELATED: TikTok Permanently Bans Live Action Over Unspecified ‘Community Guidelines Violations’)

“We know that comments are an important way for community members to connect with creators, and we’ll continue to develop ways to promote respectful discussion,” TikTok announced. TikTok’s changes were prompted in part by concerns that the app enables bullying of younger users and damages their well-being.

“Creating a safe and positive app environment that allows creative expression to thrive is our priority. We’ll continue to strengthen our safeguards for users, build tools that provide people with more control to shape their experience, and keep listening to feedback from our community and experts,” TikTok said.