Poll: 58% Of Britons Think It’s Time For The UK To Stop Obsessing Over The Royal Family

(Photo by Stephen Pond/Getty Images)

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A new poll found that 58% of Britons think it might be time for the United Kingdom to stop obsessing over the royal family.

Piplsay, a global consumer research platform, surveyed 12,037 Britons to figure out what exactly everyone thinks about the ongoing royal family drama. Of those 12,037 Britons, 58% think it’s time to move on from obsessing about Meghan Markle, Prince Harry and the rest of the royals.

I don’t blame them. Markle and Prince Harry’s interview on Sunday has dominated the news cycle for three days so far. It’s all anyone can talk about anywhere, especially since British broadcaster Piers Morgan left “Good Morning Britain” over the subsequent drama. (RELATED: REPORT: Meghan Markle Files Formal Complaint After Piers Morgan Says She Lied About Being Suicidal)

ICYMI, Morgan was told to apologize to Markle after he claimed she was lying about her mental health issues. Instead, he left “Good Morning Britain,” as previously reported.

On the other hand, 40% of Britons feel Markle and Prince Harry didn’t meet their responsibilities. That could also be a fair assessment.

Markle and Prince Harry made headlines Sunday during an interview with Oprah Winfrey. The royal couple dropped bombshells during the sit-down interview, accusing the palace of racism. Prince Harry also claimed his father and brother are “trapped” within the royal family.

While it might be time to move on from the royal family obsession, it’s hard not to talk about the juicy gossip Prince Harry and Markle served up on a silver platter.