Gingrich Guesses Biden Is ‘Very Minor Force’ In White House, That Harris Is ‘Increasingly’ Running The Show

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Maria Lencki Contributor
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Republican political strategist Newt Gingrich claimed during a Thursday interview that President Joe Biden has become a “very minor force” in the White House and that Vice President Kamala Harris is increasingly running the show.

“I really do think this is becoming the ‘Harris-Biden’ administration and you can tell that every time you see him in public,” he said in the interview. Gingrich told “Fox and Friends” that Biden has forgotten the name of his secretary of defense and the name of the Pentagon, arguing that Harris, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Majority Leader Chuck Schumer “run” the White House. (RELATED: Joe Biden Has Waited Longer To Hold A Press Conference Than Any President Since World War I)

“Why would you think that he’s dramatically better in private than he is when he can’t take any questions in public, he can’t remember what he’s talking about, he can’t remember his own nominees,” he continued. “My assumption is he is a very minor force inside that building and that the White House is increasingly run by Harris, Pelosi, and Schumer.”

Gingrich also criticized the administration’s “extraordinarily expensive” immigration policies, saying they have signaled to the United States is open for illegal immigration.

“My guess is that in four years of the Harris-Biden Administration that you are going to… see an enormous influx, probably in the neighborhood of six to 15 million people,” he said in the interview.