CNN Anchor And British MP Suggest Meghan Markle Could Be The End Of The British Commonwealth


Brandon Gillespie Media Reporter
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CNN’s John Berman and member of the British Parliament Diane Abbott suggested Thursday that the drama surrounding Meghan Markle could lead to the end of the British Commonwealth.

Abbott, a member of the left wing Labour Party, joined Berman on “New Day” and discussed the allegations of racism against the royal family regarding Markle, as well as the suggestions the British Commonwealth, or Commonwealth of Nations, could cease to exist because of Markle’s treatment once Queen Elizabeth “has passed away.” (RELATED: Charlie Kirk Compares Meghan Markle To Jussie Smollett And Calls Prince Harry A ‘Metrosexual Beta Male’)

“As you well know, this isn’t just about England or the United Kingdom. The Queen is the head of the Commonwealth and the head of state for the nations who are part of the Commonwealth realm,” Berman began. “Many of these nations, by the way, are not white. I mean, the residents there, a majority, not white residents there. So there are questions about this system going forward.”

He went on to describe how former Prime Minister of Australia Malcolm Turnbull questioned the need to continue having “the king or Queen of the U.K. automatically” become Australia’s head of state. He then asked Abbott if she thought it was a fair question “to be asked around the Commonwealth.”

“They are fair questions. I mean, the Commonwealth, whether it’s Australia, or Jamaica, or Canada follow British politics very closely. And I think what they’ve seen about the way Meghan has been treated is extremely distasteful,” Abbott responded.

“And, although I think the Commonwealth and the current system will last as long as the Queen is alive, when she has passed away, and the Commonwealth as a whole has to consider its future, I don’t think the dreadful way that Meghan has been treated, and the appalling briefing about her, for some time now, I don’t think that will make much of an argument for the status quo amongst Commonwealth countries,” she concluded.

The Commonwealth of Nations is made up of 54 countries that were all part of the former British Empire. It is a voluntary association headed by Queen Elizabeth with the purpose of “working towards shared goals of prosperity, democracy, and peace.” Many of its members are in poorer parts of the world with non-white populations, including a number of East African countries.

Abbott, the first black woman elected to Parliament, was once an outspoken critic of the British Monarchy and called for it to be abolished, writing, “We are not interested in reforming the police, armed services, judiciary and monarchy. We are about dismantling them and replacing them with our own machinery of class rule.” She has since apologized and vowed to be a “true and faithful servant” to the Queen. She has since been a staunch defender of Meghan Markle, and in recent days attacked the royal family on race in response to Markle’s claims of racism.