‘Particularly Nauseating’: Chuck Schumer Troubled By Cuomo Accusations, Has Faith In The Investigation

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said Thursday that he found the sexual harassment accusations against Democratic New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo “troubling.”

Also describing the most recent accusations as “particularly nauseating,” Schumer told the hosts of ABC’s “The View” that he had faith in the investigation to ultimately reach the correct outcome. (RELATED: Schumer, Gillibrand Call For Independent Investigation Into Cuomo Harassment Allegations)


Meghan McCain began by asking Schumer about Cuomo’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic, noting the ongoing questions about his March 25 order forcing nursing homes to accept patients whether or not they had tested positive for COVID-19.

“Now it’s actually being reported that the administration also ordered group homes for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities to accept coronavirus patients and never rescinded the order. Some Democrats are calling on Cuomo to be impeached or resign over this. Do you believe he should resign as well?” McCain asked.

“Well, there ought to be a thorough investigation,” Schumer replied, noting that even as officials in the state of New York moved to begin such an investigation, the Senate Finance Committee was looking into nursing home deaths and what went wrong across the country.

“It’s happened across the country, but certainly in New York, and we got to find out what went wrong, and then take action so it can never happen again. It was horrible,” Schumer said.

Co-host Sunny Hostin then asked what Schumer had to say about the six women who had come forward to accuse Cuomo of sexual harassment.

“He did apologize for his behavior — if his behavior made anyone uncomfortable. Is that enough?” she asked.

“First, the allegations of these women are very, very troubling. The one last night was particularly nauseating. They all must be looked into,” Schumer replied, saying that there should be zero tolerance for any kind of sexual misconduct.

Schumer went on to say he had every confidence that Democratic New York Attorney General Letitia James would conduct a fair and thorough investigation, adding that he believed “there will be no outside interference, no political interference. I have — I have a lot of faith in her.”